Farmers Heritage Financial is the only Asset Management Service that has both the education and the experience to maximize your overall Return on Investment for your land. We have the equipment, latest technology and know-how to shape your land into the best producing farm property possible.

Our operation has conservation equipment, the latest integrated technology and over 60+ years of professional  experience between the Principal Owners of Farmers Heritage Financial , and 28 additional years in Agriculture industry experience to provide you the most comprehensive evaluation and stewardship program for your land management needs.

Be assured that when Farmers Heritage takes over your Land Management, we take full responsibility for that land. Our competitors may say they care about your land, but oftentimes what they care most about is their fee. As farmers ourselves, we can proudly state that we care for your land as if it were our own, with both conservation and yield in mind with everything we do. We take great pride in what we can accomplish with each piece of land we manage. You can trust us to smartly manage your land and keep you informed in every step of our process.
We take your trust in us very seriously, and as your Land Management provider, we offer the most up-to-date reporting available. And this reporting will come from a Land Manager that has actually been out to your property and seen it first hand; not from a representative that has gotten a report from a third party.
Here is a list of the types of detailed reporting services Farmer’s Heritage Financial provides:

Farm Management Services & Reports

  • Annual Budget Projection Report
  • Planting Intentions Report
  • Projected Crop Acres Planted
  • Crop Type (Variety/ Brand, Seed Number)
  • Herbicides/ Pesticides Usage Report (brand/ generic) and projected rate/ acre application
  • Estimated Planting Dates Report
  • Monthly Crop Scouting Report
  • Assessment of disease issues, insect problems, weather/ flood damage, etc.
  • Estimated Yield Projection Report
  • GPS Field Overview &Crop Yield Map Report
  • Harvest Scale/ Weight Tickets Report
  • Additional Paperwork & Tax Accounting (1099) Reports (if applicable)


Farmers Heritage also provides industry consulting in addition to production agriculture. This includes surveying, assessing your land, and providing a comprehensive management plan.

Conservation Needs Assessment & Recommendations of Conservation Improvements
Analysis of Land-Lay, Walking/ 4 Wheeler Survey
Initially conducted independently, then with Land Owner to overview, post report
Comparison of Common Rent prices in the local area and assessment of your current rent pricing.

Though average cash rent figures are posted for each state in corn and soybean country on an annual basis, those numbers are just that — averages. But within those averages lie a lot of variability. It’s not always best to rely on county or state average figures for land rent regardless of whether you’re a landowner or renter.

Accredited by recognized Ag University 3rd party laboratory

If you have questions about our services or want to discuss a customized Farm Management Plan or Farm Service Assessment Plan, Please Call Today or fill out our Contact Form to request more information.